Tuesday, July 19, 2005

left wing bloggers (the only kind i read) have their knives out for a woman named helaine olen, who wrote an article for the new york times about her nanny. i wont bore you with the details, you know them already. anyway the borg brain has decided that olen is evil and must be cut down. at first i felt sorry for the poor unnamed nanny who was the subject of the article. like others i thought olen's article was a case of the powerful picking on the powerless. but now it seems the nanny has all the power and the blogosphere is preparing flaming torches for an attack on the olen castle.

this women posted olen's husband's name on this blog and said, 'go get him.' no wait, she said 'have at him.' you tell me the difference.

other people posted the olen phone number on other blogs.

the nanny wrote about how she saw olen's tits when olen was sick.

meanwhile the nanny remains anonymous to the masses.

so, i read some of the nanny's blog and perused her archives at her invitation. and the result was i feel, lets say, less sorry for her.

and here are the top 11 reasons why.

1. on oct 13 2004 the nanny 'tessy' blogs

'So, I sent out a mass e-mail from my oversized address book to advertise my blog and the obligatory post of http://www.friendster.com/. I have had some polite responses from people I do not hear from frequently, so, overall, its been pleasant.'

and on oct 15: 'Fairest just sent an e-mail showing me how I can tell if other bloggers connect to my blog. Cool.'

and on oct 19: 'One of my favorite professors from college responded to my narcissistic blog advertisement.'

so it seems she wanted many many readers. that's cool. i don't judge her for that.

it just makes me feel, well, not so sorry for her.

2. tessy on oct 27:

Are there ethical considerations when one Blogs? I just read bitchphd's post about her relationship with her mother and it reveals a great deal to her readers about someone they do not know who will never be able to present her side of the issue to them. These sites started to interest me because of their level of personal detail, though the medium, a website of sorts, public, though I suppose self selected, is very impersonal. I know when I started reading I
felt like a voyeur, ( though that might have had more to do with the
narcissistic semi-public masturbatory quality of the first blog I read). I mean, when you know people will be reading, when the blog is more than just a personal journal, what should you say or not say? I think this is more than a silly question of decorum. Though I think decorum is under valued.

tessy and olen have a lot in common.

maybe now tessy's blog is more public tessy's room mate will 'be able to present her side of the issue'. see no 7

3. nov 9 2004

Also, apparently, I am an indiscreet blogger. For Shame! Lesson Learned. Now I will only divulge my own sexual/emotional exploits.

lesson not learned.

4. nov 1 2004

When not trying to convince top notch graduate programs that I know how to work through the tensions between post-structuralism and psychoanalysis, I am updating my Friendster profile.About Me: Kinda snobby, kinda dorky but very good in bed.

that's nice.

5. some people say, some people say, this, this, this mommywritesaboutnanny thing is all about class. its not about class. if it is i know people who would like to join the nanny's class. she eats out, eats gourmet food in, shops fucks and applies to expensive graduate schools. if the nanny were a filipina facing deportation maybe then i could get my pity on. she's not.

she's in the ruling class.

dec 15

Then I dropped a few hundred dollars on cashmere that I cannot afford. Came home and immeadiately crunched the numbers to see if I could still afford to send in my remaining Phd/Law school apps. Perhaps I should have done that before I bought the sweaters?

Feb. 13, 2005

I spent two hundred dollars at Natori on Friday

i'm sorry. i can't feel that sorry for her.

6. tessy slags 'smr' dec 18, 2004

Laides, SMR is an excellent fuck. I highly recommend using him as a
fuck toy. Sure, you will want to talk to him because he will seem both interested and interesting. Its quite possible that he will be kind for a moment, a gesture could reveal the possibility of more kindness. You might be so lucky as to read something he has written when not completely morose and then you will want to read more, find something sexy about him as a person, not just as a toy. All of that could happen. But I hope not. Really, think sex toy. Think the quintessential fucktact.

poor smr.

7. tessy slags tara jan 18 2005

Another installment in Tara is a Lousy Roommate:So, today I received a "crazy" email from Tara. She asked me if I stole her cell phone and informed me that she stopped payment on the 305 dollar check that she wrote me last Friday for the utilities that she owes me from the last 6 Months. She said that when she finds her cell phone and receives her deposit from me, she will write me a check for the utilities. Hello? Isnt a deposit in case a roommate causes damage or fails to pay bills? Why would I give her the full 750 dollar deposit when she has stopped payment on a check for past utilities? Can anyone explain her logic?

Why would I give this bitch any money when she owes me money?BTW: I called her cell phone and she has already found it...but just for fun, she thought she would accuse me of theft.

i wonder if tara has a blog.

January 17, 2005

We went home, my roommate's shit was everywhere...but there was no sign of her, or her messy cat. I threw off my clothes and tried on my new Superman underoos. So cute. And the boyfriend about lost it. Little did I know that I was conjuring up a pretty intense 11 year old boy fantasy that had lingered long and hard in my 28 year old boyfriend. Kinda Creepy? Myabe, not sure. Dont care this morning though and I feel blissed out.And no sign of the very annoying and now somewhat hostile and rude Tara. She doesnt have to work today and hopefully her belongings will be gone as promised. And then I think I am supposed to be punished by her early departure by having my large two bedroom apartment to myself? uh?

its good to be single in the city with a large two bedroom apartment and a blog so you can bitch about your crazy bitch room mate.

Saturday, January 15, 2005 If only I was Crazy....Then I would probably be
more interesting. I arrived home a little later than usual from my new Friday
gig. I had to stop at Zabars. Its just too tempting. I purchased some lobster bisque and a pumpernickel and lox sandwich. Ah, if only I was really Jewish. Anyway, when I arrived home the apartment reeked of cigarette smoke. Tara, the wretched soon to be ex roommate, does smoke in her room, even though I have repeatedly asked her not to and it was a condition of her becoming my roommate that she not smoke in the apartment. And now that she is moving apparently she felt like she had free reign to smoke all over the apartment.So, I reminded her that a condition of living here was that she could not smoke in the apartment. If she continued to smoke she would lose
her deposit. To which she replied, I was crazy.

helaine olen, jr

February 1, 2005

I have decided to throw an Oscar Party. A smallish affair in my Brooklyn walk-up. It will be an odd assortment of friends. My Boyfriend's friends are getting the invite and then the motley crew of acquaintances, fellow alumns, and friends I have in New York. Perhaps a few out of town guests to add texture. And I am insisting that it be semi-formal. Obnoxious? Truly. But there will be excellent food and champagne and I hate it when people dress shabbily at a party.

joan rivers, jr


Weekend Work Post A few of my readers recieved emergency text messages
yesterday ( um, my phone is pretty useless, dont try to call, just text) regarding the discovery that The Boyfriend has read my blog. Yep. And he was none too happy about it!Funny, the whole PDB= Pseudo Divorce Boy and PBF= Pseudo Boyfriend stuff didnt bother him at all. Honestly, I had already told that to his face. But the disclosure that early in our courtship I had slept with JDO, well, upset him greatly. Which upset me.It was gray area. Careful archival reading does reveal we hadnt decided that we were in a monogamous relationship, yet. But still, it was heading that way and perhaps I should have either a) not slept with JDO or b) the more mature but dangerous, tell The Boyfriend about it right after it happened. I did neither. I just excused it and rationalized that it had nothing to do with my new relationship, and I will continue to insist that it doesnt.But last night I was apologetic. More than that, I felt sorry.We decided it would be ridiculous to end what has been actually been a very happy and satisfying relationship over this incident. But that sort of blind faith
which showed itself in genuine adoration has been diminished. I felt that instantly.But maybe it always diminishes with time. All elements have a half life. Maybe its better that he knows that I fuck up, that I make big mistakes, that he, we, should be careful.I felt sorry.

But now I have another reader!

now she has 100000 more readers.

10. gilmore girls /the oc/ tucker carlson (3 way tie)

11. and the eleventeenth and biggest reason i dont feel sorry for the nanny:

dec 21 2004
But the incessant whine of a child and the never ending tasks, not really job related, that filled the day compounded the exhaustion I have felt since last Thursday.
please do not insult me again by asking me to feel sorry for this nanny.

if you desire please read for yourself tessy's blog here, there's much more than my selective excerpts which i chose only to show you why i don't feel too awfully terribly sorry for her.